Purchasing your Dream Home in Paradise can be a rewarding investment! Let us show you how.

Thinking of buying a home? If you intend to use the home as a part-time residence, let us show you how you can put your Dream Vacation Home to work for you!

Because we work with RE/MAX Realty Partners, we can assist in finding your dream home, securing the financing, closing contracts, and everything in between.

Once the home is purchased, we can help you set up an investment strategy that can actually help your home pay for itself.

In fact, if you're interested in property investment in Southwest Florida, contact us today. We'd be happy to help you build your investment portfolio from the ground up and work with you to achieve your personal financial goals.

Financing for National and International Investors is available.

Investment possibility:               Single Family Home 2061 sqft

                                                     (3 bedroom/2bathroom/pool)


Monthly operating costs:

Property Management ($ 130.00); Pool Service ($   110.00); lawn Service ($  110.00)

Electricity ($ 180.00); TV/Telephone/Internet ($ 150.00)        

Take additional profit in a growing Real Estate Market with a ongoing increase of home prices + having your own

vacation resort to stay !